About GMW

Greetings! This is Wellington, founder of GMW Global.

Globally Minded Webmasters (GMW) is the trading name of Louvred Space. Louvred Space is a company registered in 2017 in Zimbabwe with company registration number 2556/2017. We specialize in web design (websites), e-commerce (online buying and selling), and short courses.

For 3 years I have had the pleasure of running GMW Global and within these 3 years we have morphed into a complete one stop shop for all your needs: websites; online buying and selling, and short courses. I have the pleasure of having a great team of folks who are experts in various fields, most of whom work for us on a very flexible sub-contract basis.

Today we are regarded as one of the most reliable and trusted online marketplace in Zimbabwe. We look forward to hearing from you should you be interested in any of our services.


W. Munjoma
Founder and President
About GMW