The Documents module assesses candidates' proficiency in using word processing applications for tasks like creating, formatting, and finalizing documents. This skill is vital across various job roles, and the module aligns with the ICDL standards to validate competence in producing clear and well-structured documents.

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The Documents module is designed to evaluate a candidate's ability to effectively utilize word processing applications to complete common tasks associated with creating, formatting, and finalizing various types of documents, including letters and other routine paperwork. Proficiency in these fundamental document-related skills is crucial in today's professional landscape, transcending industry boundaries. Whether it's composing reports, drafting memos, or preparing business correspondence, the capability to generate clear and well-structured documents is integral to success.

The significance of the Documents module extends beyond mere office tasks, as these skills are fundamental in a diverse array of job roles spanning industries such as administration, education, healthcare, and business. ICDL (International Computer Driving License), a global standard for digital skills certification, outlines the precise skills and knowledge required for this module. Consequently, candidates who successfully complete this module not only gain valuable expertise but also receive formal recognition of their proficiency in producing high-quality documents. This credential serves as a testament to their competence in a technology-driven world where effective communication through documents is an indispensable skill.