Discover a world of consulting excellence in Zimbabwe. At GHEMES Consulting, we redefine standards with expertise in Health & Safety, Environmental Management, GIS, Evaluations, Engineering, and Tourism & Entertainment. Join us on the path to success.

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About Us:
GHEMES Consulting, proudly headquartered in Zimbabwe, is a distinguished consultancy firm committed to excellence and sustainability. Our journey began with a visionary aspiration: to pave the way for a safer, more environmentally conscious, and prosperous future.

Our Expertise:
With years of experience under our belt, we've cultivated a team of passionate experts. They bring knowledge, dedication, and creativity to every project, ensuring top-notch solutions across diverse industries.

Our Reputation:
Our dedication to excellence has earned us a sterling reputation. We stand as a beacon of integrity, sustainability, and innovation in the consulting landscape.

Our Services:

  • Health and Safety: Comprehensive solutions to safeguard lives and livelihoods.
  • Environmental Management: Nurturing and preserving our natural world.
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems): Harnessing location-based insights for informed decisions.
  • Evaluations: Data-driven insights to empower organizations.
  • Engineering: Trusted partners for machinery maintenance and more.
  • Tourism and Entertainment: Transforming dreams into memorable realities.

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Discover consulting excellence with GHEMES Consulting. Let's collaborate on your journey toward success.

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