The Digital Citizen programme equips complete beginners with essential computer and Internet skills. It welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. If you've never used a computer but want to explore the digital realm, this program is tailored for you. Passing Digital Citizen opens doors to further learning, including the Digital Citizen Plus programme and ICDL Workforce Modules.

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The Digital Citizen programme is a comprehensive initiative aimed at empowering individuals with fundamental computer and Internet skills. Whether you're a complete novice or someone who's heard of the Internet but feels overwhelmed by its complexities, this specially designed module offers a welcoming entry point into the digital world. It's an inclusive program that embraces individuals of all statuses, educational backgrounds, ages, and abilities, recognizing that digital literacy should be accessible to everyone.

This program serves as a bridge for those who have never ventured into the realm of computers and the Internet but wish to do so with confidence. It covers essential everyday tasks and ensures that candidates acquire the skills needed to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Successfully completing the Digital Citizen programme not only enhances one's digital literacy but also opens up opportunities for further learning. Candidates can choose to advance their skills and knowledge by enrolling in the Digital Citizen Plus programme and exploring the ICDL Workforce Modules, offering a comprehensive pathway for personal and professional growth in the digital age. 

The Digital Citizen programme is not just about learning the basics; it's about empowering individuals to become confident and capable digital citizens, ready to harness the potential of the digital world.