Land Surveying, Civil & Engineering Constructions, Urban & Town Planning, Mining, Cadastral Management, Agriculture among other industries all depend on accuracy for quality results, therefore there should be no room for error. A single error can tarnish the reputation of the company, profoundly the consequence can be unbearable when the error distorts future planning and work. Our world class GNNS solutions can assist you to eliminate such field errors and they are very efficient and faster than traditional surveying methods thus reducing cost and time frame of field work.


  • High degree of positioning accuracy
  • Faster & more efficient thus improving productivity
  • Increased profits
  • With choosing our GNSS solutions, there is technical assistance

Applicable Industries

  • Land Surveying
  • Civil & Architectural Engineering
  • Public Health and Safety
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Environmental Management
  • Geoscience education (learning sectors)
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resource managemnt
  • Electricity power plants
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Utility monitoring and management

...the list is endless.