Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Consultancy


Data capture & cleansing, data processing, spatial data analysis, map production, GIS software & GI Systems Consultancy. Call/WhatsApp: +263 777 073 272

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GMW has GIS expertise, together with leading technical IT and data management skills. We can provide innovative and cost-effective ways of meeting your GIS needs. We are experienced in developing and deploying MapInfo, ArcGIS and open source GI solutions.

GMW provides a complete range of GIS consultancy services to public, private and third-sector organisations including:

  • central and local government bodies;
  • other consultancies

We offer a wide range of GIS services including:

  • Data capture, cleansing and verification;
  • Data processing;
  • Spatial data analysis;
  • Map production;
  • Development of GIS tools;
  • Software and GI Systems
  • Training courses

We also offer these services on a call-off contract basis. This is a highly flexible and cost effective solution in circumstances where in-house expertise is at a premium.

Whether you have a specific project or an idea we may be able to help with, our GIS consultancy can help deliver your objectives. We are just an email away.

Call/WhatsApp: +263 777 073 272