N3 IMU GNSS Receiver

Featuring 1198 channels of tracking all running and planned constellations, enhanced UHF for up to 15km working range, improved high precision IMU, low power consumption and over 24 hours working time, the N3 receiver making it work-efficient and energy-saving for your survey tasks. Features Support GPS, BDS-2, BDS-3, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS tracking. 25 hours long-lasting batteries. Up to 15km work range with 2W power consumption with enhanced UHF IP67 water and dust proof level for harsh environments. Improved IMU of simpler initialization and high accuracy. Industry-leading 1.7W low power consumption. Powerful web UI to easily download static data & upgrade firmware. Support WiFi/4G/Bluetooth/UHF transmission.

M900 GNSS Receiver

Featuring advanced QUANTUMTM technology, integrated navigation, flexible transmission and rugged proof-level, M900 is a wise choice for unmanned systems and navigation applications.

A100 GNSS Receiver

Designed with full-constellation tracking capability, flexible interface, 20Hz output rate and DP-filter smooth function, the A100 will provide a reliable and efficient vehicle-mounted positioning solution.

M300 Pro II GNSS Receiver

On the basis of M300 Pro, M300 Pro II adds an optical fiber interface and a built-in TF-card with password protection, providing a high precision positioning solution for global telecom providers.


With built-in IMU engine, full-constellation tracking capability, 4G/WiFi/Bluetooth® connection and easy survey workflow with Android-based Survey Master Software, the T30 IMU GNSS

N5 GNSS Receiver

With In-built IMU and adopted self-developed core algorithm, N5 GNSS receiver provides a more convenient, reliable, and efficient solution for filed users.

M300 Plus GNSS Receiver

With all running satellite constellations tracking, reliable data transmitting via Ethernet or 4G, and powerful remote control, M300 Plus is an ideal choice for a reference station.

T300 GNSS Receiver

T300 GNSS Receiver is an ideal product for land surveying, construction and mining.

T300 Plus GNSS Receiver

The T300 Plus is a powerful GNSS receiver makes your high precision survey faster and easier.

T30 GNSS Receiver

SinoGNSS T30 is an extremely compact designed receiver offering more flexibility for surveyors.

M300 Pro GNSS Receiver

With SinoGNSS QUANTUM™ Technology and full-constellation tracking capability, the M300 Pro GNSS reference station is one of the most robust and future-proof GNSS solution for CORS.

G100 GNSS Receiver

The G100 is a rugged, compact, wearable GIS receiver that provides sub-meter accuracy positioning.

G200 GNSS Receiver

The G200 is a cost-effective GNSS receiver that provides high-accuracy positioning to any connected mobile devices for RTK field surveying.

M300 GNSS Receiver

The M300 GNSS Receiver is a multi-purpose device for high-precision GNSS applications featuring full-constellation tracking, for centimeter accuracy survey on demand.

M300 Mini GNSS Receiver

The M300 Mini is designed as a multi-functional GNSS receiver, which is customizable based on your requirements.

M600 GNSS Receiver

The M600 GNSS receiver is designed to deliver centimeter-accuracy positioning and high-accuracy heading to a wide range of mobile applications.

M600 Mini GNSS Receiver

The M600 Mini GNSS Receiver integrate two antenna connectors in one box, it is an economical choice for challenging guidance and positioning applications.